Friday, September 6, 2013

Playing dress ups and sewing dolls

I have always been fascinated by fabric patterns and textures.  Memories of being a  7-10 year old and playing dress ups with all my dolls using tissue paper, pipe cleaners, wool, aluminum foil - anything that looked fun and useable - to create their outfits. They were always out there creations. Big ballgown type dresses, sequins glued on, bits of feathers. This always excited me. The colours especially. My dolls were my models and designing looks for the various games my sister and I would play was fun to me. Happy memories.  :)

Today I continue indulging in my fabric fascination as I sew my little creations. However I also get to experiment with various prints and colours for my own personal style.
For a long time I wore what I would call my, blend into the background type colours.  You know -  black, beige, navy blue, and browns.  All nice. All safe. All guaranteed I would not be noticed.  However,  lately there has been a complete shift in my personal style. I am making bolder choices,  wearing colours and patterns that I have longed to wear, yet I was too scared to.  Its sort of scary but also exciting as I get to mix and match and create fun looks for myself. I am my own big doll.  Finally  :)