Friday, April 22, 2011

Craftyclaudes very first market stall is coming!!

All the drawing and cutting and stitching and sewing for the last 4 months is finally about to be unveiled as I participate in this new market in Marrickville. Fun and exciting times ahead.  For more details check out the Creative Lane page on Facebook.

But first....some well deserved time out from all the creating as Martino and I head off on a creative adventure overseas.  Looking forward to trying my hand at mobile blogging including crafty interviews and photo sharing via this and my Crafty Claudes Project 365 Blog. so check them out if you like :-)

I take you all with me in spirit and look forward to sharing all our creative finds

Stay safe all.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Recycled Wall Art project

Another UnFinishedObject has been completed.

I must admit I don't really like to rush my projects - especially the ones that I have been creating for our apartment, since these are the ones we will live with for a while. Consequently some projects can take me weeks or even months to complete. Sometimes waiting for the right fabric or buttons or even the right crafty day to come along.  This weekend was one of those days where I was feeling particularly inspired and the weather encouraged me along.  Sunday, was a grey, cool day in Sydney, a travel DVD was playing (Billy Connolly's - Journey to the Edge of the World) , and lots of tea resulted in a very productive day. 

Here is our new piece of wall art:

The inspiration for this piece was the seasons.   My little abstract interpretation of Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring which also celebrates my love for recycled fabrics.   The owlies I have been creating have produced lots of left over bits of fabric and felt which the hoarder side of me cannot bear to throw out.  So I have been collecting them all in a big container, coming in very handy for this project.

The circles measure  45cm and are made of what looks to be pressed grey felt/wool.  I bought these from Reverse Garbage at Marrickville some time last year with a big piece of wall art in mind.   Each season has been hand stitched using embroidery thread in various colours including gold.

I really love how this piece turned out.  More so, I love that I got to use up lots of my scraps of felt and fabric.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This little Teapot :: Paper Plane Gallery - Rozelle

Just breathe.......
Both Martino and I had a busy day at work and needed to breathe out the craziness of the day and breathe in lots and lots of creative energy and inspiration.  Like a little creative beacon in the night we headed off to Rozelle for the opening night of This little teapot.  The exhibition showcases fifty artists who each painted and decorated a teapot in their style. The line up of both established and emerging artists consisted of painters, photographers, graphic designers, print makers,  digital, textile, typographers and street artists.

Here are a few of the tempting little teapots on offer:

The exhibition is on at the paper plane gallery727 Darling St, Rozelle (Sydney) until Sunday May 1st, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Interrupting my regular blog schedule......for some bicycle love

oh. my.

via Cool Hunting
Renovo (Portland) and Audi team up to make hardwood bicycle magic.    Built for daily commute and to withstand all elements. These bikes are also sustainable.   Beautiful.

Carry on.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Re upholstery project - Foot Stool Redo

Its finally finished!  The foot stool that I rescued from The Bower last year now has a brand new look.

This was my third re-do project.  It was also the hardest one so far as it required a lot of careful sanding, at least 100 nails to be removed from the previous owners re-upholster job and lots of measuring before cutting. I did however get to use a mini-sander and  that was the highlight for me.  I had never used any power tool before so that was fun.  Also (and this is a first for me)  no fingers were harmed in the re-do of this footstool!

sand.clean.repeat.sand.clean.repeat......are we done yet?

To guide you along, there are some very helpful tutorials online.  The one that helped me the most for this project can be found at Instructables titled "How to Reupholster a very old footstool"  a step-by-step tutorial (with photos).

Here are two of my other re-upholster projects, both chairs.  This chair I bought from The Salvation Army for only a few dollars:

This chair (in all its chocolatey-brown goodness) has been with us for 11 years. So it was time to give it a new colour and some floral print. 

Before: Excuse the mess....we were in the middle of renovations.

I highly recommend giving a basic project like this a go.  Not only are you giving something old a new lease on life, but you also get to be creative and we all have a little creativity inside of us just waiting to come out!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Smashing Refashions by Mytwobutterflies

I am really enjoying Jenn's (from mytwobutterflies blog)  latest refashions.  All of them are not only easy to make (with some very easy tutorials and photos kindly put together by the clever lady herself) but also super cute!   Seeking inspiration from other websites, magazines, blogs and even the latest seasons fashions, Jenn has given all of these creations her own unique take.   Here are a 3 of my favourite ones:

 Extra Large T-shirt to Side Knot T-shirt Refashion
 Take one man size tshirt, some scissors and about 2 minutes of your time!

Great with jeans and layers - my favourite wardrobe staples.

Skirt to Top - The Spring Version

Take one old skirt,  some cutting, sewing a little elastic and you now have a gorgeous night-out-dancing kinda top!
The inspiration: Anthropologie $118

The finished piece - priceless - cause you made it yourself!

Boden Inspired Cardigan Refashion

I love her take on this one.   Very neutral and feminine chic!

the inspiration from Boden

The bead detail is gorgeous!
Well done Jenn - you are a real inspiration!   Next visit to my thrift store will be sure to look out for some pieces I can refashion.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Date for your diary:: Powerhouse Museum Sydney - Quarterly Craft Weekend: 30 April-1 May

The first in a series of quarterly craft weekends will be held at the Powerhouse Museum on 30 April and 01 May.  You will be able to take part in some fun FREE drop in workshops like beginner knitting, recycled jewellery making and embroidery.  There will also be a couple fun looking paid classes one of which involves creating your very own Zipper Mouth Monster.  how cute are they!
photo credit

Zipper mouth monster: sew up your skills with Colette Guanta, Tessuti Fabrics
30 April, 10.30am – 2.30pm
$80 per person
All materials and equipment, including Jodie Carleton’s monster pattern and Tessuti Fabric are supplied; participants should have some experience with using a sewing machine
The sewing skills of Colette Guanta from Tessuti Fabrics join forces with the design nous of Jodie Carleton from the popular Ric Rac blog, making a terrific workshop experience.  Learn how to sew an edgy stuffed monster with a loud mouth.
This workshop is supported by Tessuti Fabrics and Brother sewing machines.

For more details including times and prices check out the Powerhouse Museum site

Looks like fun!