Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mop and Llama love.......

Paris, April 2004

This week has been a great week for planning and design inspiration.  We are now counting down the weeks till we jet off on our Northwest USA trip for some much appreciated time off.  We are very excited at the prospect of seeing some artists/crafters/makers we have been reading about. Good times.  I have also continued taking pictures for my craftyclaudes project 365 - 2011  which always gets me excited about creating.  Seeing patterns in simple things, appreciating colours and designs always guarantees the creative juices will continue flowing.

I have also started designing a couple of new softies that I would like to experiment with a llama and a mermaid.  A little different from the owlies but fun all the same :)   They both began from some sketches and now am working on designing a pattern to start creating him/her.

"Luisito" the llama awaiting pattern design
Also very excited as I think I have found THE perfect fabric for the foot stool I am reupholstering which I rescued from The Bower .

Oh and some chandelier and mop love.....Check out this very clever installation by design students from Stockholm.  At a recent furniture fair they were given the task to decorate some chandeliers that were over 150 years old.

all pics via here

After treating each mop with fire retardant and using chicken wire to create a frame on which to suspend the mops on

 this was the end result. 

A  M  A  Z  I  N  G  !

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