Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look what they made........

I love this time of year.  When the work day is done and you start to notice the evenings (slowly) growing longer in daylight.  When you get to enjoy the slightly warmer weather and you find more people are out and about enjoying a little social interaction before heading home for their usual evening routine.   This time also brings with it exhibitions and  pop up galleries adding a little creative goodness to a regular 'school night'.

I love making time to attend all these exhibitions.  I also love sharing them with you guys because I know that we all have times in life where we feel a little scared to put ourselves out there.   Seeing all these people giving it a go, sharing a piece of themselves and their passion fills me with much joy and encouragement.  If it does the same for you, then a lucky lady am I to have been part of that process.

:: Made to Measure -The Treadlie Handmade bicycle Show  @ kind of Gallery  ::

Aemelia - Rescued from a shed gets a bit of love and handmade laser cut wooden veneer spats by fairweather bicycles.

Bumblebee is discovered in a pile of refuse on a rainy Melbourne day. I love the indigo violet leather seat and matching handlebar stitching detail.

Here are some more of my favourite bikes of the exhibition:


:: A touch of Class  @ Somedays Gallery ::

Using the doily as a canvas, 20 female artists consider the notion of women's 'traditional skills'  and examine how they remain relevant and transferable to the artists' current practice.

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