Tuesday, September 13, 2011

AM Gallery Exhibition - Georgina Pollard :: Through Line

We recently attended the 2nd exhibition held at the brand new  AM Gallery located in Newtown.

"Through Line"  by Georgina Pollard.

With her abstract works, Georgina studies the character of paint and how it relates to the act of painting.   How paint folds, drips, weaves and hangs. 

Seeing paint have a life of its own was very interesting to me.  Cleverly woven into colourful patterns reminiscent of the vinyl beach chairs our family had in the 80's.  It really took me back :-)

For more photos or to keep up to date with the happenings at the gallery visit the  AM Gallery website  or become a fan on their Facebook page.

Drop in and visit Maria and Stephen, the gallery owners.  A lovely couple dreaming big and making things happen.

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  1. Gracias Linda, why didn't you show me sooner , well done and nice pics Besosxxx