Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yes I Refashion :: My love for all things a little bit used

These past few weeks have been a little bit different.  My day job has been taking up more of me than I have been used to. I know its all part of my growth and I am grateful for the opportunity, however, I have noticed that my creative energy has suffered a little because of it.  There has been little, if any, creating.  So to keep the creative juices flowing I have been feasting my eyes on other creative peoples work - especially of the re-fashion kind.   I love the practicality and resourcefulness of the re-fashion community.   Just check out some of these clever works:

A long sleeve blouse becomes a summery boat neck beauty

 A super simple stripe top becomes the funkiest skirt

Singlet gets a little lacy and girlie

An over sized but gorgeously floral skirt becomes a Carrie Bradshaw inspired dress

A little bit Amish dress becomes super sassy summery frock

All pictures, tutorials and other inspiring re-fashions can be found at the Refashion Co-op blog. A worldwide collaborative blog to showcase refashioned clothing projects and share techniques.  A blog that I am now also contributing my refashion projects to.  All in the spirit of sharing.

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