Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freshness from the net......Covet Garden Magazine

I know the month is only really just getting started, but I could not wait to share with you this loveliness.   It is Covet Garden online magazine.  oh my.  She is really a beauty.  Where have I been??  They are up to Isssue 4 already!

Now personally, I am not a fan of all magazines going the online route.   See I love nothing more than sitting with my fave new (paper) magazine out in the park, or under a tree, or by the sunny spot in the window etc flicking through the pages and being able to take my time to go through the articles and pictures.   Often coming back to them weeks or months later for more inspiration. With online magazines you often are tempted to just go through and speed read.  But  oh no - not with this little find.  This deserves your undivided attention and that little bit more time.

The idea behind Covet Garden is best summed up by the clever people behind the mag:

There are a lot of magazines and blogs that show cool interiors. But they always leave us feeling that we’re standing behind a rope, looking at the space like it’s a museum diorama. We started Covet Garden because we wanted to see a magazine that made us feel as though we were invited into someone’s home. And then, once they let us in, we started snooping around and got to know them a bit better.
Covet Garden takes a peek into the homes and lives of some of the city’s most interesting people—spaces that have not been styled by interior decorators and that above all else reflect the passions and interests of those who live there. We hope our stories and our subjects will also inspire you with uncommon and attainable ideas. 

Apart from the beautiful photography and the chance to look at the most detailed rooms I have ever seen, you also get to click on some of the pieces shown, and find out exactly where to purchase them!    Etsy is very much represented in many of these spaces.  Lots of cute little prints and softies and jewelry and clothing.  People supporting handmade.  Lovely.

So check it out, subscribe and let you inbox enjoy some inspired and inspiring  people and spaces.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words! Glad you like our labour of love!