Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Smashing Refashions by Mytwobutterflies

I am really enjoying Jenn's (from mytwobutterflies blog)  latest refashions.  All of them are not only easy to make (with some very easy tutorials and photos kindly put together by the clever lady herself) but also super cute!   Seeking inspiration from other websites, magazines, blogs and even the latest seasons fashions, Jenn has given all of these creations her own unique take.   Here are a 3 of my favourite ones:

 Extra Large T-shirt to Side Knot T-shirt Refashion
 Take one man size tshirt, some scissors and about 2 minutes of your time!

Great with jeans and layers - my favourite wardrobe staples.

Skirt to Top - The Spring Version

Take one old skirt,  some cutting, sewing a little elastic and you now have a gorgeous night-out-dancing kinda top!
The inspiration: Anthropologie $118

The finished piece - priceless - cause you made it yourself!

Boden Inspired Cardigan Refashion

I love her take on this one.   Very neutral and feminine chic!

the inspiration from Boden

The bead detail is gorgeous!
Well done Jenn - you are a real inspiration!   Next visit to my thrift store will be sure to look out for some pieces I can refashion.


  1. Wow!! What a nice surprise this morning!! Thanks so much for featuring me and all of your sweet words. Hope you're having a great day - Jenn

  2. oh you are welcome! Having a great day today. Working on lots of little projects and also my first market stall. Autumn in Sydney is encouraging much creativity of late ;-)