Thursday, June 16, 2011

Art and About - Portland May 2011 - Happy snaps from our trip week 3

Week 3 saw us visiting our most anticipated and researched/read about city - Portland, Oregon. Armed with a list of must check out places we set about walking this very green, clean city. Seeing a city adopt initiatives to encourage people to look after themselves and their environment was very inspiring. Cycle ways, garbage bins in the city that were more like mini recycling stations, atriums and wind turbines in/atop office buildings etc. Portland also has a big push towards sustainable, local and seasonal eating. Fresh produce from the city grown by locals in the city included greens, berries and fruits. Along with many micro-breweries, and our favorite hangout for food - Wholefoods - Portland really made us happy.

On the handmade side....oh my....I was in crafty heaven :-) Small multi purpose shops like Tender Loving Empire that sold not only handmade goods (tshirts, jewelry, home wares etc) but also music created by local bands- some of them still on cassette!   Or Crafty Wonderland where I felt the need to pick up and touch everything in that store...and do some big shopping.   Oh Portland.....I could go on and on......

Our splash out - The Nines Portland

Wondering if I could fit her in my hand luggage......

Public Domain

So swish....

Portland - The home of Stumptown

what a cute

on our travels we spot a hole in the wall place with one cool crepe maker.....breakfast!

and they are all this cute!

getting our hat fix at me in the mirror

thats all it takes...a little attention to detail.

Portlandians  ♥ their bikes

I lost myself in    A N T H R O P O L O G I E 

Installation at SFO Airport
More Anthropologie goodness
and then it was time to come home.......

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