Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freshness from the net - June 2011

Portraits on walls by Portuguese artist - Alexandre Farto aka Vhils via Freshome

Rainy, cold and windy Sydney days are not to be wasted.  When taking a break from my sewing, I like to catch up on the various blogs and newsletters my inbox is bombarded with daily.  Some of them are my favourite Architecture/Design blogs.  I recently found these 2 very uniquely designed structures. A leaf shaped house near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and an elevated plaza in Sevilla, Spain.   Very cool.

for more pictures go to Freshome

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  1. Lovely Claudia! Thanks for exposing me to something uplifting & refreshing :) The wall art is just amazing!

  2. Oh and the house in Brazil... beyond words. I dare not even daydream of the opportunity to ever enjoy such a place for fear I will sink into depression :(