Friday, June 8, 2012

Autumn seen thru the lens

A little busy this month so letting my camera do the talking for this post. Lots of colours and patterns from nature and my surroundings.  Blink and you miss some of it.   So I stop and admire it instead.....

Jamie's Mexican Street Corn salad - spicy and colourful
Just look at her!.....a beauty.

Kilim Rug dreaming.....the price tag brings me right back down to earth with a big thud!
Monocle L O V E mind thanks you.

Birthday presents  ROCK! tastes as delicious as it looks.  yum yum!  Monica's famous pineapple cake.

and this you ask?   why, its a thin slice of carrot.  Thank you Mother Nature. 
See you again Venus....somewhere out there.

Inspired by this amazing artist that I still cannot get out of my head

On my walk to work....i stop to admire the quiet work going on around me.

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