Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ay caramba!!

Finally....a blog space all of my own!!   A place where I can share (and at times ramble on about) all the things that excite me including:

felt  - One of my fabrics of choice at the moment.  Using it to make lots of little things that I will soon share on this here blog.

2nd hand goods  -  Woah! have you been to your local Salvo's or St Vinnies of late?  Its filled with lots of beautiful preloved things to redo/reupholster/polish/clean up/wash etc  

Home design magazines and blogs -  My guilty pleasure.  Well not just me, my partner too. We both love them.  Looking at what others are doing with their spaces is inspiring.  

Jamie Oliver cook book -  working my way thru his first book.  Started with soups.  Scored 2 beautiful wintery soup recipes that have become winter staples - and all veg!

Crafty pod casts --     what a find!   Filled with interesting interviews, tutorials and other information for crafters and artists.  

Just some of many things that seem to be occupying space in my brain of late....hope to share many more soon!

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