Monday, August 23, 2010

Project #1 - Pretties for your home or office desk.....

So part of my blog space will be dedicated to sharing with you all simple little crafts that I have tried making and would love to share and hopefully inspire you to try.   My craft skills are all self taught using the Internet - blogs, tutorials, videos, pod casts, newsletters etc.   The online crafting community is a very generous one with many people willing to share tips and tricks on all sorts of projects.   Ive had lots of fun making many of them.  Here is one of my favourites:

im recycled!

I made these in no more than 10 minutes.   I chose pretty papers that I had kept from my paper crafting stash.

You will need:
* aluminium or tin cans (like the ones you get your tomatoes, beans,chickpeas, corn, coffee beans etc)  Also look for cans that have ring pulls for opening.  No need to then use can opener and you have a safe, jagged-edge free can!
* paper or fabric to cover the tins  (go crazy here - newspapers, craft paper, wall paper, stationary, maps, catalogues, fabric scraps etc)
* spray adhesive  (this is my choice as its quick drying, not messy and easy to find in all craft/hardware stores- but any glue for craft will do as long -ask your local craft store helper)
* scissors

Step 1:

remove the labels as well as wash and dry all the tins.   If you are planning on making a few, I suggest you look for tins of different sizes and heights as they look lovely once they are grouped together

Step 2:

grab the piece of paper/fabric that you will be using to cover the tin with and lay it down on a flat surface.

Step 3:

wrap the paper/fabric around the can leaving as little or as much overlap as you like to cover around the tin.  I usually leave 2-3cm.  Also measure the height of your tin and cut this to your preferred height.  I like to leave the paper to sit just above the can opening.  Its easier and looks neater.

Step 4:
once you have all the coverings cut to size. Head outside and spray the adhesive on the back (or wrong side) of your chosen covering.  For me its easier to do this one can at a time.  Also good idea to be in a well ventilated room or outside as per the instructions on your chosen adhesive - some of these are stinky!  

Your new holders are ready to use!   

Super easy,  fun and a great way to recycle cans and any bits of paper/fabric/materials that you have been holding onto (or like me hoarding for years).   You can use these to hold all sorts of fun things like your pencils, crayons, pens, paint brushes, rulers etc

the finished product - making my craft desk neat and pretty!
if your tin has a lid - then cut out paper to fit the inside of the lid and you have even more pretty places to display things on your desk!


ps - if you ever want to share pictures of similar project you have tried, please feel free to email me pictures and i can put them up on this blog to inspire others to give it all a go!

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