Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project #2 - Cushion for Martino's Chair.....

So yesterday I went to my favorite fabric shop and bought lots of really cool fabric and from there decided to make him a cushion for the chair.

This is Martino's chair.....his little space to sit and enjoy all his magazines, bicycle websites, coffee and sometimes even to do none of the above and just have a good old nap!  
I had not used my sewing machine for over a year and a half as all the projects I have been working on recently are all hand stitched.   So I went hunting around online and found one of the easiest tutorials to make an envelope cushion cover.   It is from Vanessa at Crafty Gemini.   Ive only just discovered her videos and they are great mix of sewing, crafting and cooking tutorials that are easy to follow.   So check out her blog for some inspiration and easy to follow instructions.

Here is my finished product -  hope he likes it!


  1. Claud, your cushion is gorgeous & I love the envelope finish! Good on you for joining the crafty blogging community.

  2. Oh thanks Jess! Its fantastic to be able to give these things a go instead of being too scared to try. These tutorials and the crafty community are so inspiring. Thanks for reading my blog. Made my day :-)