Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Once upon a time I was a.......

In this series I share with you some pretty cool projects I have seen around my virtual travels. Take everyday objects (ones that we usually throw away without a thought) a tutorial and a few basic tools to create  unique recycled pieces.   Check these out:

A globe becomes a lampshade

via here

A big pretty out there jumpsuit becomes a chic dress

Check out this clever refashion and many many more here
Your old beer/wine bottles become gorgeous decorative vases

via here

 Bottle cap + Magnet = jazzes up your fridge

Via Here

There are so many resourceful people in the DIY, craft and refashion community.  I hope to share many more of my findings.

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  1. I love the globe idea, and the bottles! I am always trying to save bottles... G puts them into the recycle bin but I have a little vision for each and every one of them... lol!!