Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wedding decorations - Tissue Paper Pom Poms

This one....I get to keep in our hallway.  A little bit girlie chic.

We have a family wedding coming up soon.  The lovely Miss A and her handsome beau Mr F.  The wedding celebrations will take place over a weekend and will be in true Aussie style - a beach and bush wedding. We are very excited and honored to be part of this special weekend.  To help out I am making the decorations which consist of tissue paper pom poms of all sizes as well as decorations for a photo booth backdrop.   As the surroundings will be all natural the decorations are to be very simple.  So we have decided on all white pom poms.   Here are some pictures of the project so far:
Pink test pom poms.  I loved how these turned out. Very puffy and fluffy and pink.  Wonder if Martino will notice if I filled our bedroom with these?

 My aim is to create 80 of the little puffy pretties in 3 different sizes.  They will be hung with some clear fishing line all around the dining pergola/main area kind of like these:

Via Pinterest

As we have a big 3 hour drive to the venue, I have got all of them to the point where they just need to be opened and hung.
ready to be opened up
These were very easy to make using tutorials I found all over the net, especially, on Youtube.    So next time you are looking for party decorations why not give these a go. For the $1 investment in tissue paper, the results are very striking and will last much longer than a balloon.

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