Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apartment inspiration:: A little Anthropologie comes to Sydney.....

Recently we went looking for some deck chairs for our balcony.  So we headed to our local Freedom store *yawn*......Umm hello.....what is this we find? Did Freedom magically turn into Anthropologie overnight? Colourful rugs, cushions, knob handles, prints. The store that usually sends me to sleep with their bland (safe) colour choices simply blew me away!  Here, have a looky at just some of the pretties that caught my eye:

See what I mean? Gorgeous huh! I love these colours and the little touch of handmade and mix of interesting textures and designs. Si porfavor!

My obsession with Doilies is satisfied for another hour.....

Oh cozy, yummy teal wall....how you inspire me!

So of course now, I come back to our apartment and want to grab one big paintbrush and give the whole place a makeover - crafty stylee! 

oh and we never did get the deck chairs. How could we?  After this colourful assault on our senses, grey just felt so...meh.

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