Monday, April 16, 2012

Craftyclaudes handmade:: Pretty little Babushka Doll Softie

I have been working on a new softie/doll.  For a while now I have been researching Babushka dolls but hadn't found any that incorporated a little bit of hand sewing as well as up cycled fabrics that I liked.  So I set about designing one using a simple pattern I made on my own.

The pattern allows me to use double layers of fabric for extra strength and colour possibilities.
So on my recent visit to the Salvos I found these beautiful linen knickerbockers in a light grey. The quality of the linen is A1 - no pesky knots (slubs) in the fabric.  Although they are a very tiny size 4, for a couple of dollars I couldn't resist.  
snip snip - off with the leg!
I also found this lovely fabric napkin.  This one has a sweet, hand embroidered trim that sets off a little  applique flower.  A lot of  hand made love was put into this napkin, and just my luck, I rescued it from the fabric miscellany bin.

After cutting out the fabric pieces, I did a little hand embroidery.  A quick refresher from mum allowed me to chain stitch the eyes in a sleepy little look. A peaceful babushka ready for a nap and many hugs.  Here she is all finished!

The new Brother NS20 is working a treat. Allowing me to sew through many layers of fabric and with 40 stitches I get to experiment a little with some machine embroidery.
So there she is all finished. She is very cute and plump like a good cushion and soon leaving me to go to a new home.

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