Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A quick refashion:: sheer top to infinity scarf

I have been giving my wardrobe a little bit of a tidy up as we enter the cooler months.  Deciding on what to put away, what to donate and refashion. First refashion on my list was this top. 

An old top that was starting to fray.  I have always loved the colour and pattern, but was not so happy about the short sleeves and the fraying on the neckline that could not be saved without an over locker.  So I took to it with the scissors.  Basically cut it off from below the sleeves in one straight cut:

Once cut, I pinned a hem all the way around.  Sewing this proved a little tricky as I have never worked with such sheer,delicate (read: very slippery)  fabric so I had to do a little bit of research on the best way to sew a hem.  Lucky for me I remembered that back in February,  the the very clever Jenn from mytwobutterflies had kindly put up this technique for a refashion she had completed using similar fabric.  So I got to working on it and is my completed sheer infinity scarf!

I am pleased with the result and happy that I was able to save the fabric.  Now I have a little sheer scarf for all seasons....


  1. Love it - the fabric/print is awesome as a scarf!

  2. Thanks! Although as we are now going into winter, its probably going to have to wait a few months before I use it.