Monday, April 9, 2012

D is for .......

Doilies are my favorite.  Ive been admiring them ever since my Great Grandmother would sit and crochet them.  There I was a chubby 4 year old sitting at her feet trying to copy her with my pretend crochet needles (ie: my fingers).  Once we migrated to Australia I remember doilies sitting under each and every glass ornament we had around the house.  Doilies of all shapes, sizes and shades of white. All made by my dear Great Granny who continued to make and send them to us in care packages from our far away homeland.  Lovely memories. Now in my crafty pursuits I have used them for bunting , to make my own brooch as well as using them for a refashioned cardigan (project to come soon).

Here are some other doily pretties:

A Megadoily  that can be made to order ---- via here
A gorgeous Doily Lamp made by one of my favorite Swedish blogs - Dosfamily
Doily bowl DIY - tutorial available here

oh doily.
I. Heart. You.

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