Saturday, September 4, 2010

one little elephant.....

photo by Sowri - (available on Flickr via creative commons)

When we left Chile to begin our new life in Australia (30 years ago last month)  I remember holding onto a special little gift given to me by my Year 1 school buddies. It was a little elephant soft toy.  I remember he was grey with big ears, black  glassy eyes and he felt very soft . When I close my eyes, I can still feel the sweet comfort he provided to my 6 year old self during what was then a 20+ hour flight.   I remember having to leave my granny and aunts and uncles at the airport and wondering why they were all crying.  After all, we were only going on holidays (or so I thought).  The idea of packing up the few belongings you have and heading to a land that was foreign must have been so hard for my parents, especially with two little kiddies in tow.  They did it as they knew this country offered many more opportunities for work and education than a unstable post-military coup Chile could provide.

So 30 years later here I am in a country I am so very proud to call home.  Mighty grateful for all the opportunities that it has afforded our family and wanting to express it all in my creations.   So in celebration of this big year I am creating a little elephant friend which will combine my love of fabric, beads, bright colours and my recent obsession with all things India.  For inspiration I checked out some pictures on Flickr and loved these two.

and create!

photo by Eliza Raschke (available on Flickr via creative commons)

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