Friday, September 17, 2010

Project 365 - Thinking about doing it again.....

Today I visited a local gallery during my lunch break to see the photo exhibition by Andrew Gunsberg (or Andrew G who hosted Australian Idol) who in 2009 took one photo everyday - all self portraits.   The exhibition showcased photos of Andrew in different countries (incl Spain, Israel, Australia, USA) and doing every day things like jogging or driving,  or even funny things like drying his underwear with a hair dryer after his luggage was lost! (been there....ha ha).   It was a really cool exhibition with lots of great photos worth checking out.  If you cannot get to the exhibition he has them available to view on Flickr.

In 2009 I took on a similar project to take one photo every day.  The idea was that by looking for something to photograph each day, I would become more aware of my surroundings and this would in turn help me to be a little more confident in my creativity and as a bonus expand my crafty talents.  So I pretty much took ownership of our trusty little camera and carried it everywhere, everyday with me.  Being a small digital camera this was not hard at all.   I was not too concerned with how well the photo was taken (some of my favourite shots are blurry or dark) instead I focused on the subject.  Looking for colour combinations, patterns and textures.  Apart from photographing people I also took lots of food, floral, insect, craft materials and sky shots.  I definitely learned more about the space I travel in every day and how amazing and colourful it really is. 

So this evening I sat with a nice cuppa and looked back on the photos from 2009.  What a treat it has been!  A wonderful  visual diary of what my eyes found creatively inspiring.  It also reminded me of how much I enjoyed the project, especially sharing it with lots of colleagues, family and friends.  Looking to do it again one day soon.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

Feb 10: After a rainy summer day, this little guy took the plunge and ventured outdoors
March 2 :  Signed up for a jewelry making class. This was my first completed project.  It took 2 attempts (and some tears) to get it to look like this.  I learned a lot about myself in that class. 
May 15:   Sunset over Erko
July 29:  A visit to my local nursery.  These little beauties caught my eye.
November 18:  Renovations of our apartment begin.  I picked this light fitting purely because every time I visited the light shop, I couldn't stop touching it.
December 22 - Going out for breakfast - one of our favorite things to do.


  1. I love this idea. I may try it just as a different way to journal - I'm much better with images than with words. Love your blog. I blog at if you'd like to check it out. I'm pretty new to blogging so there's not a ton there - yet.

  2. Me too! I love taking my little camera everywhere and taking pics of anything that catches my eye....thank goodness for digital cameras! oh btw I love your blog. I realised we started our blogs on the exact same day!! and you cover fabric, food and travel - my favourite topics ;-)

  3. that's such a coincidence that we started blogging on the same day!!! I started my 365 days yesterday. I decided I needed to just jump in and do it or I'd never actually get started. I'll post some pics on my blog after a week or two. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  4. excellent! look forward to seeing them. Have a great week blog buddy!

  5. I have my first 9 days up on my blog!! I linked to your site as well. Thanks, Jennifer