Monday, September 6, 2010

Pakistan Fundraiser - rocky road treats........

The Pakistan Floods have really broken my heart.  Seeing daily footage of people who have lost their loved ones and also their homes due to the monsoonal rains has been so sad.  I could never imagine such devastation. The look of sheer terror in the eyes of the people (especially the little kids)  is something I still cannot get out of my mind.  So when my lovely friend L asked for some help in raising funds for the people of Pakistan I jumped at the chance to do my bit to help.  Together we hatched a plan to have a bake-off and make some sweet treats that we would sell for AUD5.  We set ourselves a target of AUD1000  which we knew would be something we could achieve with lots of effort.  We also chose Medicins Sans Frontiers as our charity.  For the treats it was decided it could only be something sweet and scrumptious.  L makes some super yummy choc/banana cakes (she is famous for them!) so that was a no brainer really. I thought I would make some funky rocky road.   So an email was sent around to our circle of friends, work colleagues and many others tempting them with our goodies - all for a great cause.  Now the orders have come in and its time to start making the choc treats ready for delivery at the end of this week.    We are soooooo excited as we know we have made over our target of AUD1000.....our final tally to be announced soon!    This has been a very humbling experience, one that we hope to do as often as we can supporting different causes and charities.   Happy days.....


  1. So good to see everyday busy people taking time out to help those in need. Great effort & the treats sound delish!

  2. Thanks Jess. We feel like we are on top of the world! Giving is so easy and makes you feel awesome. a win win for all involved today!