Friday, September 3, 2010

Project #3 - Wall art

This project came along after we purchased our apartment.   Having a small space we knew that we would have to be very selective on what we had in our space.  So we decided everything had to be pretty things we loved to look at and as much as possible handmade.  So here is the result!

giving old frames a second chance.....

I collected many old (and sometimes broken) frames from household clean up days, second hand shops and some cool big broken bits of frame from here for just $1!    A little bit of glue/nails and some white paint helped to bring them all back to life.  We have used them to display pictures, post cards, recycled birthday cards, photos, original works of art by Martino and some Etsy purchases.    Dad also helped us by making some wall shelves to help display the frames.   They are similar to these you can find at Ikea.

Project 2 - Wall Art


old picture frames (preferably wooden)
spray paint
newspaper or plastic to cover your work area
pieces of cardboard boxes

Step 1
 Remove the glass and all backing so you end up with the basic frame

Step 2
Spray a couple of coats of your chosen colour - allowing to dry between each coat as per the instructions on the spray can.  This needs to be done in a well ventilated area and take care to cover anything you don't want spray paint on, as particularly on a windy day, you can end up with colour in places you did not expect (i found this out the hard way - sorry to my old favourite pair of converse sneakers)

frames in all shapes and states of repair!
after glue/nails and white paint - enjoying some dry off time....

Step 3
The best part - frame your fave pictures, stationery, photos, stickers, fabric, collectibles  etc.   You can either leave the glass on the frames (i prefer without) and use old bits of cardboard for the back to hold your chosen pics in place.  I used some old shoe boxes which i cut into fit the back of the pictures and taped them down with masking/sticky tape.

This was such a fun and easy project.  Give it a go and don't forget if you ever want to show off what you made - email me your pic!


  1. amiga I love this, Im going to go for a quick walk to some thrift shops around the corner, I still want to do that 17th century dark wood, jacquard background in my bedroom, I will let you know how I go..Kettysita

  2. Go for it amiga!! and please share photos with me once done. I would love to share them on this blog and inspire others. Thanks for your support. ;-)