Friday, October 1, 2010

tick tock tick tock.....

As pretty as this clock is, it only serves as a reminder that a deadline is looming.   Way back in winter my lovely friend Maves and I set each other a goal.  The goal would serve as a way to keep creative ideas and inspiration at the forefront of our minds. So we set about pursuing our favourite crafts (me: sewing   / Maves: sculpting).  Along the way we have been sharing ideas and updating each other on the progress of our creations. It has actually been a wonderful time.  Personally I know that I have been far less of a procrastinator and have not felt like giving up when creations don't quite go my way.  Its also nice to be able to talk about what you are making as often crafting is a lonely activity.  I still do however dream of a starting a crafty club where we can all come together for a few hours and share cups of tea and chat and craft away on our projects.  Something to work on for the future I think!.

So next Sunday 10 October, our creations are due.   We get to show them off to each other  and Maves gets to use her other big talent - photography - and we will have a day of styling and photographing our creations.     I have been thinking of ideas for how I would like my little dolls, birds, owls and brooches photographed.   Its very exciting and I look forward to sharing them soon.

Sewing techniques learned along the way....

pequeñitas - (minus the pins) soon to be shared!


  1. How great to have a friend to encourage and share things with - makes it so much more fun!!!

  2. It really has been a big help and lots of fun. We pledge to keep doing this from now on - we get more done that way ;-)