Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogland is not so lonely afterall.....

When I started my blog I wondered if anyone apart from me or Martino would read it. Having read many blogs I know I am not alone in feeling this way. I read that at last count there are well over 125 million active blogs so having someone read and want to follow your blog is a little bit of an honour really, at least that is how I feel.  So you can imagine how excited I got when on my very second post I received some comments from people I didn't know!  People from different parts of the worldly webesphere stopping by this here craftyclaudes ....that was very cool.   One of these lovely blog buddies is Jennifer from my two butterflies.   A few things about Jennifer:

- Loves re  - recycle, re thrift, re purpose, refashion.
- Is a member of a farming co-op
- Recently spent time in Italy
- oh and we both started our blogs on the same date!

I really enjoy reading all her posts as they are a great mix of everyday life and her creative projects.  Here are some of her recent creations:

Thrift shop skirt gets a make over for a great new look!
Farm  co-op beetroot becomes yummy (and guilt free) cake!

My favourite re-fashion so far - a grey cardi gets a revamp inspired by Anthropologie

Autumn table runner made by Jen

Oh and also don't forget to check out Jennifer's Etsy shop.  She has some pretty revamped jewelry pieces and other handmade goodies.


  1. Thank you soo much for the wonderful post!!! I know what you mean about wondering if anyone is actually reading (other than my family). But - I'm definitely reading yours - I check it every day to see what you're talking about - I love it!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Well we continue doing what we love and being inspired by our creations. That can only be a good thing.....

  3. Hello :) I just arrived on your blog and read it through and through :) I loved it... I am also a very recent blogger and I got so excited when I recieved my first comment from someone I didn't know, I can really relate :) good luck on this project of yours!

  4. Hey Claudia - do you mind if I use a few of your photos on my blog - I'm working on a post that links to you. Jenn

  5. Wow 125 million blogs out there! I can't even remember how I cam across your blog, but I enjoy reading your posts Clauds. A thank you is on order to you for checking in at Feast & Stitches and leaving encouraging comments along the way. It's great to know your not all alone in the big wide blogland.

  6. Hey Jess.....that is why I love the blog community. We share our ideas and encourage others and always so positive. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog!