Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Audrey Kawasaki - "Tangled" - Outre Gallery - Sydney

Mayakashi by Audrey Kawasaki

oil and graphite on wood panel 12"x12"

I first saw Audrey Kawasaki's art in one of Martino's Juxtapose magazines.  My first thought was if Martino ever gets a tattoo, it has to look like this'.......very weird as he doesnt have any tattoos and not really expressed any interest in having any either.    Audrey's art is beautiful and features her female (and some androgynous males) in very alluring, sometimes dark and sensual poses.  For me the faces, particularly the eyes are what makes her pieces.   Finally she will be having her first major solo exhibition in Australia and we are off to check it out.  Very much looking forward to it......maybe even stop by the tattoo place afterwards!

See Audrey's work at the Outré Gallery(Shop 7, 285a Crown Street, Surry Hills) from October 29 until November 15.....

For more details see here


  1. oh so I'm getting a tattoo? I can't wait...

  2. I love it and yes, that would make one awesome tattoo - you should go for it!!

  3. Have you been yet? I'm glad I'm catching up on your blog because I would not have known this. Have to see how I can get out there and see the exhibition!


  4. Yes we checked it out on Thursday night. Excellent exhibition featuring over a dozen of her works. All but a few sold. simply gorgeous! Worth checking out.