Monday, October 11, 2010

Jamie does Greek Salad...very very well!

We recently finished watching the "Jamie Does...." series which was screened here in Sydney on Ten.  Every week Jamie took us along on his culinary journey around Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and other beautiful and food exciting places.  We enjoyed the series so much that we bought the book.   Our first recipe to try was the Greek Salad, here it is:

We served it with a cannelini bean mash and some crusty bread.  Delicioso!!   I have had many Greek salads before, as they are refreshing and punchy and interesting.  However, this one used Dill and Mint as the herbs (usually I use Oregano)  I think that is what made it.  Very fresh.

You can get the recipe free from Jamie's site

Give it a go.....your taste buds will thank you ;-)

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