Monday, October 4, 2010

Old becomes fresh and new.....

I am obsessed with interior design blogs and am not afraid to admit it. A great way to end the day for me involves sitting back with a cuppa and flicking through pages and pages of pictures and articles dedicated to our living spaces.  I love seeing what others do with their spaces.  Its so interesting to see that with even the smallest bit of attention you can transform a cold or bland room to warm and inviting space.   One of my favourite parts of these blogs is seeing what people do with an old pieces of furniture or findings.  I love seeing old things become new and fresh and given a new lease on life.    Take for example some of the cool ideas I saw this week:

All photos including the "How To's" for the projects can be  found here

So after seeing all this I am really inspired to have a go at more re-upholstery /re-purposing.  Our little apartment will be 1 year old this week (since we moved in to it)  so a good opportunity to give it a little spruce up.


  1. Can't wait to see what you do - post pics!!

  2. Thanks! I am working on a chair project today. Will post pics soon ;-)

  3. hi
    Ive just found you from Two Butterflies. have to say love your blog ideas and so glad to finnally find a local blogger.
    Looking forward to much more inspiration.

  4. Thank you Lena!! Please let me know the name of your blog as I would also like to follow it!