Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art and About- Sydney from A to Z

In an effort to uncover more of the art that is being produced everyday in our city, Martino and I are on a quest to visit galleries and art spaces in (and around) Sydney on a regular basis.   Last Sunday we kicked off our adventures with a visit to Brooklyn (no -not the one that requires a big plane ride) which is located on the picturesque Hawskebury River, about 1 hour north of Sydney.

Whilst there we visited  The Edge Art Space which had a group show titled "Berowra to Brooklyn" featuring local artists inspired by the surroundings of the majestic Hawkesbury.  It was beautiful to see the Australian bush, river life and the local flora feature in many of the artists works.

One of the artists who participated in the show wrote the following Artist's Statement which I really loved:

"If I'd known that I would enjoy painting so much, I would never have waited till my late fifties to buy brushes, canvas and oil paint and start the process of experimenting with said items"

A great lesson for us all.

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