Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Its in the mail......

Isn't it nice to go to the post box and find something other than a bill?  This week I have been waiting with much excitement for the mail to come.  So to pass the days when nothing but a bill is in there,  Ive been fantasizing about what it would be like if all your mail (bills included) came handwritten in scalloped edged paper sealed in a pretty envelopes!    In my pattern/stationery obsessed world I would open my letter box and envelopes in all different sizes and colours would spill out.  Fancy gold envelopes from our bank manager giving us a big star for paying off our credit card on time or a sweet polka dot blue envelope from the water company reminding us that - yes - we owe them some cash for the precious resource they are pumping into our home.  Sure, it wouldn't take away from the fact that these bills need to be paid, tho it would certainly make opening the letter box a much more exciting prospect (not to mention we would all have a killer recycled paper stash!)

So imagine my joy this week when on 3 occasions I open the mailbox and find beautiful little parcels addressed to me postmarked from faraway places as Estonia, Barcelona and Thailand.   It felt like Christmas and I was very very excited :-) These were all little purchases made during a successful evening of online shopping on Etsy and finally they had arrived.

So here I share them with you.   All beautiful and handmade. Just as I like it!

A pretty little leather case for my new phone.  Handmade and sewn in Estonia by a mum and daughter team at EightSeasons

A beautiful leather purse made by Arnont (RN) and his wife Toanoi (TN) from Thailand.  You can check out more of their lovely creations found in their shop RN & TN Studio
A gift for Martino  - a fresh little coin purse with robots on it. sweet! Made in Barcelona by Pension

So with the US Dollar climbing (terrific for us Aussies!)  and Christmas around the corner, why don't you check out what other artists are creating on Etsy.    But be warned....its addictive....just ask my letterbox!


  1. I LOVE that leather clutch - I'm going to check their shop out.

  2. Oh its gorgeous! I feel very grown up and stylish with it haha!

  3. I think it may be fate - while out shopping today, my wallet broke. Looks like I'm heading to Etsy to spend some money

  4. oh excellent! I mean no better reason to buy a new one....hope you had fun shopping ;-)