Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Repurpose project - Embroidery thread tin and Sewing Machine cover

Keeping my crafty eyes out for old tins and jars lately. I am organizing my craft space so they come in very handy.  Today at work, this very big chocolate tin caught my eye.

Sadly, there were no chocolates left for me to sample however I claimed the tin and bought it home.

Gathering my supplies - fabric, scissors, spray adhesive - i made this

 Perfect little storage for my embroidery threads which were starting to get all tangled and messy.

I then decided to make a cover for my sewing machine out of this very long table runner from Crate & Barrel which we bought 6 years ago and was no longer being used.  A few measurements and some sewing later --- a new cover for the machine!

A very productive crafty evening with two less pieces of landfill makes me very happy :-)

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