Monday, November 22, 2010

Bike love....

Sommer via Papillionaire

2011 - Could it be the year I start my bicycle commute? We have a government program here in Sydney that has been building cycle ways to make the cycle to the city safer, greener, and more shareable. Tho the program has not been without controversy (which keeps our local paper very busy)  I think it is a great idea.  Getting people to think of transport as more than just a car/bus/train.  Martino has been cycling to work now for almost 1 year. A comfortable 35 minute ride through leafy back streets or (if feeling a little more daring) riding along the local main road.   I think if I had a pretty bike like this one, I would feel more European and would carry home the groceries and flowers and get to wear a cool hat and scarf as I ride home from work.  So chic.   umm....back to the point.  Its all about health.  Health and fitness.....with a little Parisian flair thrown in ;-)


  1. great bike!! I wish I could bike to more places around here too. Toting two children around makes it a little difficult though. And my town isn't terribly bike-friendly.

  2. I guess I could tan while I ride so maybe I will think about it.

  3. oh at boys = a recipe for disaster!!

    I know Jenn - I still will wait for the cycle ways to be completed by early next year before I consider the ride.