Monday, November 1, 2010

Owlies in production....

cutting , sewing and apron wearing a la Martha!
The apartment is filled with owlies  - all in different stages of production.   Eyes over there.....stuffing of wings over here......sewing of bodies by that section.  Its my favourite part of creating, when you can see progress even though to others it may just look like bits and pieces of fabric.  In my heart I can feel the excitement building as these little creatures I so love are coming to life.  They make me smile and when I send them on their way I hope they bring many smiles to others too!


  1. Yay!! Are these for your etsy shop?

  2. Yes they are. I am working hard to get it all up and running some time in the next few weeks. I am loving this time where I sit and create like a mad professor! hahaha.....