Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update on owlies

owlies by crafty claudes
It has been a very busy last couple of weeks at owlie central.  I have been cutting out countless pattern pieces and then sewing on the trusty old Singer machine.   I am now ready to start sewing eyes and wings which is best done by hand.  This is one of my favourite parts as hand sewing is something that can be done anytime, anywhere.  This week I will be sewing during my lunch breaks at my day job.  If the weather co-operates It means I can sit at the local park enjoying the spring goodness in the air.  Although the progress on some days does seem a little slow, I am getting better at accepting that this is the process.  Today I wanted to share some of the lovely fabrics I have been using in my creations. Some are gifted (by some lovely and very generous friends) some I have found at the various thrift stores I have been visiting and others I have had for years in my fabric stash .   All are now coming out and being given their chance to shine and show off their pretty colours and patterns. These are going to be some very funky owlies indeed!

cotton and linen fabric - for crafty claudes owlies


  1. Sounds like u have been hard at work on these Owlies, looking forward to seeing them finished.
    p.s. I'm liking ur new blog banner & background, I might be a little behind the times, but just noticed!

  2. thanks ladies! Jess 'new look' is only a few days old....glad you like it!