Monday, November 15, 2010

Highlights from Art Sydney 2010

This was the first year we attended Art Sydney.  Martino had to work there for a little while so it was a great opportunity to check it out.  We attended opening night on Thursday, which apart from the air conditioning failing, was a great night.  The event normally attracts over 15,000 visitors every year all looking to find and buy art.  For an emerging or established artist, this is a fantastic opportunity to allow your art to reach the masses over a 4 day event.  The number of stands was very overwhelming for a first time visitor.  So I decided to just go off on my own, no map or guide, and stop at the art that I found appealing. This worked out to be the best way for me, as it is how I met these three lovely ladies.  An artist, a sculptor and a gallery owner.  All of them very talented and inspiring.

To start off my crafty claudes interview series I present to you the artworks of Narissa Butler:

Narissa is an Australian artist who has been painting girls as her subjects for 8 years.  Inspired by a photograph of her mother as a child, her paintings feature these girls as innocent, wide eyed, sometimes awkward creatures.   Each painting expressing feelings of nostalgia and longing. The colours include beautifully muted tones as well as much black detail.  I was drawn to many of her paintings by the detailed nature of them.  Details such as peacock feathers, butterfly wings and garden settings.

"Plume"  by Narissa Butler

Narissa is based in Melbourne where her work has been exhibited in many galleries, group and solo shows as well as in magazines.
Lovely Narissa encouraging Martino to just give it all a go!

"Swoon" - detailed butterfly beauty.....

It was wonderful to meet Narissa and chat to her about what inspired her creations and what challenges she faced as an artist.   A very generous and talented lady. 

You can visit Narissa's website here
For commissions or inquiries you can contact Narissa here


  1. her paintings are beautiful!! just my style - beautiful and a little funky

  2. I wish I could have shown them all. My camera (currently my phone) decided to run out of juice right when I was at the show! I will share more of Narissa's work in the future as she is one lady to watch!