Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Supakitch & Koralie - Feast for your eyes......

Martino found this video and shared it with me a while back. I watch this whenever I need a little creative pick me up!..hope you enjoy it as much as I do.....


  1. WOW!!! Don't they just make it look SO easy hey?
    What a fantastic piece though! I wonder how long it took them to work on it. And what about the range of mediums they used? Excellent! Thanks for posting Claudi!

    You know part way through I stopped seeing them and instead they were superimposed with images of you and Martino :)
    I can just see something like that coming up on one of your walls ;)


  2. Gorgeous isnt it....I love the music too. We watched it again last night. Actually funny you should mention that as we have discussed painting a mural in our bedroom.....we can always paint over it if it doesnt work out. So am researching ideas and working with Martino as he has some sweet designs. Will blog about it ofcourse ;-)