Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Minute repurpose project - Calendar becomes gift tags

Really Claudes? Yes! I know...its probably more like 1 minute.  I am prone to a little hoarding, especially when it comes to pretty cards and calendars. So on a recent declutter session of the crafty studio I decided to get my creative-on and save some trees at the same time.  You can too!
So take some old birthday/Christmas/wedding cards, calenders, post cards, recipe cards, etc.  Some scissors (or guillotine if that way inclined) and a hole punch....

If you have it, also some matching ribbon or twine saved from all those birthday/Christmas/wedding presents and hey presto....a new card ready for gifting!  These also make pretty cool book marks.   Easy peasy  - green and clean!


  1. So true Claudes and there's nothing better. I have all my odd bits stashed in 'The Box' it's such a quick and cute card idea when I don't have one, seems to be often!

  2. Oh "The Box" love that idea!! mine started off as a draw that suddenly got out of control! Its so good to know that there is a community of repurposers (is that even a word??) out in the big wide blog world!