Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Owlies in production - March 2011

Sweet vintage upcycled owlie
This month has been a big one for me. Mentally challenging as I ponder what to do with my owlies. Lots of thinking and listening to various points of views about what to do about selling and displaying and sharing my craft with others. Ive appreciated this time and know that no matter what I decide I will always have some very caring, interested (and interesting) friends which makes my heart fill to overflowing! 

The owlies are now more than ever becoming something I am easily creating.  The creative process feels like breathing and I find myself getting lost in every new piece of fabric I find or (very kindly) am given.

This recent batch has had me working with fabrics from Japan, Germany, USA, Chile and France. All of them, were either a piece of clothing, a soft furnishing or a failed print run.  A suit, cushion, business shirt, jumper or curtain.  Together with new materials, stuffing and thread now getting a second life in my owlies.Yay!

cut and sew
Doilies, curtains and fabrics
Once was a cushion and a wool jumper
mini owlies ready for hand sewing and stuffing.

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