Friday, March 11, 2011

Art Month Sydney /Platform Hip Hop Festival - Power Moves by Nick Bassett

Presented by CarriageWorks' Platform Hip Hop Festival

POWER MOVES is a photographic series which studies the form and sculptural quality of Breaking, or B-Boying as it is otherwise known. 
Shot in a controlled studio setting, Nick Bassett has captured a highly talented group of dancers right in the split-second moment of their signature moves. The series is a study in form, physicality and skill, not simply a documentation of the moves or how they are performed.

March is also Art Month in Sydney.  A time where studios, galleries and performance spaces throw open their doors and encourage people to follow their art.  With varied events and activities such as art cycle tours, Thursday night Art Bars,   a little Gardening, and art dinners.  As well as various photographic, sculptural and mixed media exhibitions - there is something there for everyone.

To check out the various events on offer until March 31 - visit the Art Month Sydney website

To check out Nick Bassetts photography exhibition as part of the Platform Hip Hop Festival visit the Carriageworks website.

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