Friday, March 25, 2011

Market Wanderings- Lane Cove Alive - Art & Design Makers Markets

Last weekend we headed over to Lane Cove to check out the second Art and Design Makers Market for 2011.  Although the weather was not as co-operative as we would have liked, people still came out and supported some incredibly talented artists who were showcasing their skills.
One of these talented artists was our lovely friend Lindy, who had some new works on offer. All of them dramatic, amazingly detailed and proudly representing countless hours of hard work and steady determination.

Raw, Regal, Rebirth

As well as being a sculptor Lindy is also a photographer and is now offering prints of her pieces.
Of course as soon as I spotted these owlies from a distance, I knew I had to head on over and meet their maker - Hannah from Miss Odd Pocket.   Super cute, fun fabrics and very cuddle worthy!

Hannah is super talented.  Not only creating funky looking owls but also brooches, cards, prints and buntings/banners.  A Lane Cove market regular ready to share with you her creations.  If you are lucky, Hannah will also show you some of the brand spanking new bits of goodness she is working on for future markets.


How cute are the birdies hanging out on the tree branch?   so sweet! 

One of the reasons I love, love, love  visiting markets is to get a chance to meet and chat with the makers.  I believe that this is where we really get to know the essence of their creations.  To see their faces light up when they share with you a process or what motivated them to work on a particular piece or describe what they are working on next is truly inspiring.

Music, food, hand-made goodness.....all part of the market experience.

We also met lovely Tamara from Tam.Art.O.  A photographer since the wee age of 9 who also designs and creates her own frames!  Her photographs capture the beauty in everyday items like flowers, fruits, gardens as well as some travel locations.  The photos can be purchased as cards or as stunning canvas art making it affordable for everyone to take home a little handmade goodness.

Original and affordable greeting cards.

Have a greeting card you simply love and dont know what to do with?  Frame-ya-card!

Travel far and wide....Roma on Canvas.

So visit your local hand made market.  Not only will you support a wonderful community of artisans but you will walk away knowing that what you have purchased was made with much love, thought and skill.

To check out the next Lane Cove market dates clicky here

To contact Lindy visit her website here

To contact Tamara visit her bigcartel online shop here 

To contact Hannah email here 


  1. very cool - that market looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Hey Jenn - yes it was a great way to spend a few rainy hours. I am checking out lots of markets at the moment so will share them with everyone via the blog....btw HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!