Saturday, March 26, 2011

Google Art Project - Art Appreciation without leaving home....

Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam 2008
Want to view a Van Gogh over breakfast?   Study the brushstrokes of a Rembrandt whilst doing your laundry?  Admire Boticelli's Birth of Venus sitting back on a Friday night in your comfy chair, with your favorite drink in hand?  Well now you can with the wonder that is Art Project powered by Google.

For over 18 months Google has been busy collaborating with 17 galleries and museums around the world to offer virtual tours of each space. Using Google's Street View technology you can now virtually stand in front of various works of art and view them in high resolution  - some images in 1 gigapixel (that is 1 billion pixels!).   This allows you to clearly see brushstrokes, colour build up even cracks in the paint. The detail of these works is nothing short of astounding.

Art now becomes accessible to those that for many reasons are not able to visit these galleries and see these great art works for themselves. A wonderful thing.

Here is a great video on how Google accomplished this incredible task



  1. Haven't seen or heard about this until now, like it!

  2. Hey Jess....isnt it cool?? I have been looking at a few paintings now for a few days. Its very interesting to see that although they were all using paint, the techniques were so different! thanks for your comment....