Monday, March 21, 2011

Gallery wanderings - Nick Bassett - Power Moves at Carriageworks

One day long photo shoot , 9 dancers (only 7 of which made the cut) and over 4000 images taken to get a dozen or so photographs to exhibit. 

Carriageworks really lent itself to the culture these photos draw inspiration from - raw, urban, exciting.

Its one of my favourite venues for art displays in Sydney and every time I am there, I cant help but look up.  A good thing - seeing that Nick's photographs were suspended from the ceiling.  This added to the magic that Nick captured in still.  Dancers suspended in air showcasing a signature move, seemingly effortless.

yep yep!


Nick's exhibition runs until April 9 at Carriageworks.  Its F R E E .  So throw on your flyest pair of kicks and head on over to check it out (and fight the urge to be a dork and do the robot like I soooooo wanted to do )

Carriageworks info here

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