Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Repurpose project - Doily becomes a brooch

One of the good things about sharing with people your love for all things recycle/re-purpose/re-use, is that often, they will think of you when they come across something a little too special to throw out. So although they may no longer want or need the item their little thought bubble has your face in it! Case in point - this little doily.
I am loving doilies at the moment.  Using them to give the owlies a little feminine vintage flair.  However this doily, was a little too colourful for that.  So I gathered my supplies:

doily, scissors, thread,needle, random glass bead, felt scrap, brooch backing

I cut 2 pieces of felt from a scrappy piece. Using some embroidery thread I sewed on the brooch backing  to one piece then joined both pieces together with some decorative blanket stitching (which I am slowly getting better at)
I decided to sew a little glass bead I had in my jewelry stash to the centre of the doily.  This helped to hide all the stitching as well as give it some weight to help it look more like a flower.

Here is the finished product.   A fun project which even if you only have very basic sewing skills can be done in less than 30 minutes.  The doilies can be folded or scrolled or left flat even.  Your creation, your way.

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