Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project #5 - Feather Earrings

A few years ago I had an Etsy shop for my jewelry creations.  Jewelry making was my first attempt at learning a crafty skill.  I used websites, tutorials, videos and library books to learn techniques such as wire wrapping, stringing beads, making jump rings and working with crimp beads. As well as acquiring a whole new set of skills  I also enjoyed the creative process. A chance for me to combine my basic skills with my love for colour, textures and all things sparkly to create pieces in minutes.  Although I am now learning and practicing a whole new set of skills with my fabric work, I still enjoy bringing out my jewelry tools and bits and pieces when inspired.

These Anthro earrings recently caught my eye:
Alabaster Peacock Earrings via here

I knew that I had a few feathers in my jewelry kit that I could use to create a craftyclaudes one of a kind pair.  So I gathered my supplies and tools:

And after 10 minutes I created these!

I had to trim the white feathers a little to give the black and polka dot feathers a chance to stand out.   It was really good to see that even though I made my last pair of earrings nearly two years ago, I still felt the buzz and excitement of creating.  The Etsy Shop may be closed, I have now moved on from jewelry making, but the skills will always be with me as I continue on my crafty journey. I like that.

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