Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the one day of the year where women from all walks of life are celebrated I thought I would share some creative and fantabulous women I admire.  All creative, all bloggers, incredibly giving and inspirational to many.  They make me smile, think, feel and want to be more giving every day.  So lets celebrate these ladies and all the wonderful women in our lives (yes - including ourselves!)

Mimi Kirchner - Doll artist
Creator of handmade dolls including owls, fish and all sorts of incredibly detailed wonders including:

Tattooed Girl, Big Bow and Lumberjack

Check out Mimi's blog here
To purchase her creations go here     Yay! for Mimi!

Kandee Johnson - Make up artist and inspirational blogger

My sister and I both love Kandee.  I first discovered her on Youtube when I was looking for a "how-to cut your bangs" video.  Anyone who knows me, knows how that turned out! hehe....Kandee creates informative videos with beauty tips and tricks as well as how to transform yourself into fun characters for Halloween or fun dress up parties.   Most recently her most special and beautiful creation has been her baby girl, whom, during Kandee's pregnancy was known as "Cupcake" and is now named Elyse.   Here are 3 of my fave Kandee looks (check out her Youtube Channel for the how to videos for all these looks and more!

Check out her Youtube Channel for more videos
Here is her blog

Katie Sokoler - Photographer, actress and maker of fun things!
A Brooklyn based photographer, street artist and lover of all things fun.   Along with her cat "Moo"  adds much colour to my week.

Here is a video all about Katie......

Radar Eleven - Color Me Katie. Watch more top selected videos about: Lance Weiler, Alex Johnson

Follow Katies Blog here

Happy day to all the ladies!!


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  1. wow - that make-up artist is cool! I'm going to have to check her blog out.